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Using the word “old” in israel or jerusalem map of history does not mean yesterday, last year or even the last century. Millenium is the term dedicated to a majority of cities located from this country. but, don’t let this color your picture. In this country of historical and spiritual sites the region maintains a variety of hotel choices from the small cheap hotel and quiet special rates to the large and grandiose hotels. israel, somewhat larger than the state of Massachusetts, sits on the Mediterranean Sea, bordered by Egypt on the west, Syria and Jordan on the east and Lebanon on the north After over 50 years of attempts,The country was established as a state in 1948 and has had a long and varied history. exploration of the region suggests evidence of settlements dating back approximately eleven thousand years. approximately 1280 B.C.E. the Jewish people landed in the Promised Land, or Canaan, later known as Israel. Today, Israel offers a number of historical and religious sites for visitors and a comfortable Hotel will be close by at the end of the day.

After Hotel israel accommodation and its special rates take an afternoon to visit Jerusalem’s Old City,that you can visit areas which contains David’s Tower and a number of outstanding places displays that intricately retell the city’s history. Take in restored 19th century villages such as Rosh Pina or Zichron Ya’akov to understand the pioneering days of Israel. While these cities present the pioneering days, your hotel will provide comfort and convenience for your weary bones.

Hotel In Jerusalem will be close by after your day travel at the Dome of the Rock in jerusalem (Haram A Asharif الحرم الشريف ) which is situated on the Temple Mount and carries significant spiritual meaning for Muslims and Jews alike. The Jerusalem Archaeological Park contains the recently rebuilt primary entrance to the Temple. After spending time at the Wohl Archaeological Museum viewing the 2,000-year-old excavated home,Ahotel will provide a good meal and comfort at the end of your day. Also, a jerusalem cheap hotel makes an excellent home base for all your travels. every day in israel hotels is sunny days to remmber and photos to take home to show land of holly and sand.Ever since the early ages and the times of the prophets, Israel and jerusalem , a sliver of land on the Eastern Mediterranean has been an attraction for hundreds of thousands of travelers every year. The purpose of visit is generally either due to the spiritual significance of the country, or the cultural aspect, along with eco-tourism. Israel and jerusalem has one of the most momentous histories of the modern world, with abandoned cities, forts, not to mention hundreds of places of importance according to the Bible and quran .